Kshitiz Agrawal
Tech Head
Like a typical IITin, Kshitiz is extremely quiet most of the time. Unless you ask him about web 3.0, GPT 3.0, AI, or his poems.
Sagar has seen the devil, because he knows it hides in the details. A business geek since the age of 16, he hates it when people say ‘Aren’t you being too pedantic?’ Sagar Agrawal
Operational Head
Sahil Agrawal
Strategy Head
When it comes to growth, Sahil reaches for the stars. Maybe that is why NASA courted him at the tender age of 15. Or maybe it’s because of his moon face.
A CA by degree, entrepreneur by nature. We call Vaibhav the closer. Because his hypnotic persuasion skills & deep understanding of finance models get things done. Or maybe people just vibe with his love for stylish blazers & fast cars. CA Vaibhav Totuka
Finance Head